Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fiber on four legs

Alpacas, my favorite to watch but the llamas are much more
friendly. And they don't spit on you unless they are being
bothered. Like you wouldn't see it coming. The kids petted
lots of llamas while we were there.
This is the wool on a back of a sheep. It was the softest
and curliest I've ever seen.

Bluefaced Leicesters.

Jocelyn petted as many sheep as she could get her hands
on. Something about little people didn't scare the sheep as
much. This one looked her right in the face and said BAAAA
Baby J just laughed! Jocelyn would stick her hand in the
pens and the sheep would run in circles. We had to finally tell
her to stop before we got yelled at.

Icelandic sheep. It was a little warm for all that long hot
hair. I would think they must get pretty stressed in the heat.
Angora goat. Ray and I thought he had a great goatee.

Pygoras. Little pygmy angoras. I like the little versions of

They were judging the goats while we were there. I thought
this young lady and her goat were a perfect match. Just
because of their hair, she was way cuter than the goat........

Horns do have a special purpose! Other than knocking you
into next week. They were good for dragging around
uncooperative animals too. This guy wanted no part of what
she was trying to make him do.
So those are my pictures from the Fiber Festival. Glad we
went on Saturday because Sunday was a washout. Lots of
rain. Just an observation...it looks like people are still
counting their money. Not a whole lot of shoppers like last
year. It was easy to walk down isles. I did buy some
roving for felting, couldn't go home empty handed.


  1. Oh I just love all of those wool producing animals! The llamas and alpacas make me think of my friends in Australia who quit their 9-5s to start an organic olive and alpaca/llama farm. And those alpacas were incredible spitters!

  2. Great pictures. Jocelyn is so cute!

  3. I the alpacas are quite mean tempered. I'd rather have a llama or two. One of these days...some sheep also would be fun.