Monday, July 20, 2009

What were you thinking?

Seriously Heather and I did ask ourselves that the next day
when we finished our first ever attempt at etching metal.
Only because we over did it in the stamping department and
it took us a while to get them all etched. But I really enjoyed
this project the best. I got a sheet of 24 gauge copper at
Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon. It was a large sheet
too. We also used pieces of Vintaj brass purchased from
Bello Modo. We followed the instructions from the Etsy Metal
blog. Its an excellent tutorial. The etching chemical I got at my
local Radio Shack, had to order it special as they didn't carry
it in the shop, but I got it in two days so that was great. What is
the chemical you ask? PCB Etchant Solution, 16 oz. for $10.00
and it does a lot. Heather and I made a video and she's gonna
put it up for all to see, but I couldn't wait.

On the far left, under the finished pieces is the copper as
purchased. Pieces on top are done and pickled.
Some more of Vintaj pieces that I etched and shaped for
future resin projects. If you haven't tried etching metal
you shouldn't be afraid. It was lots of fun and if you are
careful, there is no danger that I could see. But I live life
on the edge...just kidding, why did I say that...
what was I thinking?


  1. the patinas on those turned out so great!

  2. love it so so much!!!! excellent job!! I love all of them!!!

  3. Sweet! This is a fun project to do - I did some etching a few months ago and need to get back into it! I love seeing (and purchasing) what others make too though!

  4. The patinas are fabulous. I love all the stamping!

  5. That is awesome, I can not wait to try it. Will have to wait until my hubby is not controlling the spending and internet. ouch that could be awhile...

    Thanks for sharing I was glad to see it :)


  6. I can't wait to try this again. I still have my copper etched cuff I made 5 or 6 years ago. I will bring it home to show you. The pendants are wonderful.

  7. Very cool!! They turned out beautifully, just gorgeous! I love etching... Can't wait to see what you will be doing!

  8. Wow, they're just awesome! You're going to have so much fun creating with them :)

  9. Roseanne, these are beautiful...I love them all!! I'm itching to try this!

  10. these are Gorgeous! what fun :) missing etching now...

  11. I was so excited to read of your experiements! I took a class on etching at Bead & Button with mixed results. I liked it but was still a bit wary of the chemicals. But playing with Heather and Melanie would certainly cure me of that! You made some beautiful things. Enjoy the day!