Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day at Silver Leaf Ren Faire

It was a perfect day for the Renaissance Faire. After much
driving around the farm country of Michigan (I took the wrong
exit and got confused-that's another story all together!) We
were so far out in the country OnStar couldn't get a fix on me,
that was kind of scary.
Anywho, we made it to Silver Leaf. Lot's of people, lots of fun.
Heather and the girls, Ray and Jen and their 3 children and
Kayla. Kayla and I had been before, but its still fun. The
theme for the day was Believe the Magic...fairies, elves and
other mystical creatures roaming around. Just makes you want
to dress up and join in the fun. But how they can run around
in all those hot clothes, velvets, leathers, fur...too hot for me!

The Pirate Bonny Lass and her squeezebox....rrrrrrr
A wonder example of a Wizard...not that I know many!

This is Dead Bob...he's pretty funny for a dead guy.
Heather and I are off to finish our etchings and try our
hand at some other projects while we wait for things to get
done. Have a glorious day Mi' Lords and Ladies!


  1. Looks like it was lots of fun! I love medieval festivals!!
    But etching sounds like you are having fun too! Hope you show us what you come up with!

  2. My kids love these - ours is in September! I'll post photos then too!

  3. There's another one on the other side of the state that's even bigger. Geary and I are planning on visiting that one too this fall.
    Heather and I are working on our metal projects today. All kinds of fun things to work on...

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Rosanne, I really appreciate that! I have seen your icon on a lot of the blogs I visit, so it's nice to get to know you. Your etsy shop looks great!!