Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Wonderful Day for a Party Indeed!

Southview Bed and Breakfast. Built in 1896 and still
owned by the same family. Its for sale now though, too
much for an older couple to take care of.

The beautiful kitchen we worked in. Look at that replica
old stove. Novella's kitchen is as big as my house. Ok, not
quite that big, but it seemed like it.

View from the kitchen doors. Looking south of course!

Novella (left) she owns the B and B, sister Sue (right)

Kayla the graduate, ready to party.

My favorite girls. Alley Kat (Allison, on bottom)
Baby J (Joselyn) sitting on her lap. The weather was perfect
and the kids played outside all day. Running around like
only children can do.

Lots of food and a beautiful cake with the school colors.

Gathered around watching Listening to Kayla read her
cards and opening her presents. A college dictionary,
a silver and turquoise cross, a LAPTOP!, and a portable
DVD player. And lots of cash of course.
The rain stayed away and the sun shone all day.
Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing our prayers!


  1. Thanks for sharing Kayla's party. I will look for the other pictures on Flickr. It looks like a picture perfect day.

  2. Oh, what a beautiful place! Looks like fun!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  3. It was as perfect a day as that blue sky showed. Very nice place to hang out at. I sat with Geary on the porch watching the birds. We should do that more often(the two of us).