Sunday, May 24, 2009


I couldn't let the ABS challenge go by without
using an art bead by Humblebeads. Soft New Jade
and faceted yellow jade accent the focal bead.
Nuggets of a blue stone ( I would call it Dumorite)
and Bali silver rondells.

A beautiful leaf clasp to finish it off.

Now we are off to play! Bailey is doing her early morning
stretches outside. We watched the deer along the wood
line eating grass and munching leaves. They watched us too,
then slipped silently away. Almost like ghosts....I'm gonna
slip away today and enjoy the afternoon with my Geary.
Yesterday was our 28th anniversary. My one true love,
may we share many more happy years.


  1. Your necklace is pretty, I love those colors and your doggie is just too cute! My nephew has a doggie just like yours and I am thinking about getting one like that once I move in...maybe.

    Funky Monkey girl,

  2. Thanks Jolene! You can't go wrong with a Schnauzer...Bailey is a dream dog. Nothing like the one I first had. But I got her from a breeder that kind of matched our personalities. She's pretty laid back and silly...just like me!

  3. Lovely necklace>!!!
    And happy anniversary!!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you. From the woods filled with deer, a great husband and the cute little Schnauzer (we actually have a Schnauzer breeder in our family)and of course beads - it sounds like you have a pretty great life.

  5. The leaf toggle accents the Waterlily design perfectly. The choice of stones are a perfect match for with the humblebead. Give Bailey a puppy paw hug from Auntie Bev and Cricket

  6. bailey sends her love to Be and Cricket. I say thanks for everyone's kind words.

  7. god your pieces are always so beautiful! i love it! it's gorgeous! i especially love that long painted tube!