Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May ABS entry

Two months in a row! That has to be a record.
This is my May entry for the ABS contest.
Monet's Water Lilies...my interpretation of.
Our pond has waterlilies, but in our pond the water is a
shade of brown and dark blue, not vibrant like Monet's.
Lots of dragonflies too.

I went with the more earthy tones. A dragonfly focal made
by me. A water colored silk ribbon from Jamnglass, a leaf
from Earthwood Studios and a Vintaj clasp from Bello Modo.
I wire wrapped jade stones and used chain from the local
craft store. The rings around the silk were just wire wrapped
as if to make jump rings and then cut to size.


  1. Wowee! This is gorgeous! Love everything about it.

    and you'll be opening up your etsy shop when???

  3. Thanks Kristin and Lorelei.
    I think I need more than four pieces to put in my shop, don't you Lori?

  4. Beautiful. Love your focal and I especially like what you've done with the ribbon. Did you know that many people in vision science consider Monet to have had an age related eye disease at the time he painted the water lilies? It likely distorted his perception of colour. So his pond may not have been vibrant either!

  5. A beautiful necklace, Rosanne! Lovely earthy colours and I also like what you did with the ribbon. As for the shop - I've come across some that open shop with one piece, which I feel is just a bit under represented ...

  6. Beautiful! I especially love the fibers and your dragonfly. Is the bead ceramic or poly clay? Really earthy and pretty.

  7. Oh! This is so pretty! I love it! I would wear this piece in a heart-beat!

  8. LeAnn-For having bad eyesight Monet could still pull together some beautiful colors.
    Sharon-its a polymer pendant I made from a mold that I have. Heather (Humblebeads - and my neice) taught a class on the Bead Cruise.
    Thanks Renate and Erin.
    You are all so sweet.

  9. Just beautiful!
    Four pieces is a good start for your etsy shop. I know that piece would fly out the door it is so wonderful!

  10. Fabulous piece. Love it.