Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah Shawl!

I was reading Marcia DeCoster's blog today.
Did you know that on top of being a great
bead designer, she can also knit? And I don't
mean just mittens! She showed a lace shawl
that she was working on for the upcoming
Bead Cruise.
Then, there was Barb's post about some new
patterns she had by an area woman
Suzanne PufPaff. It is a great design using
an Entrelac variation. When its all done it
becomes a butterfly. Really pretty and lacy too.
Maybe I should get out my needles and do
something elegant, right after I finish sewing
and beading.


  1. I am amazed by those knitters. I work better with a crochet hook. Marcia's shawl is gorgeous.

  2. aAnd I can't crochet very well.
    I guess we can't be good at everything...

  3. I so envy knitters/crocheters/seamstresses I can't do any of it!

    BTW, I nominated you for a little spreader of love blog award-details are on my most recent post :)