Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Look

I thought I'd start the New year with a little change in the
look of my blog. (Thanks to Aqua Poppy Designs)
I'm taking down the tree tonight and putting away the
Christmas stuff. For some reason I am holidayed out
and feeling ready to face the New Year.
I had lots of fun with my family over the holidays and
now everyone has gone home and its time to get back to
everyday living. Although the thought of going to work
tomorrow makes me want to
I didn't make any major kind of resolutions for the New Year,
I've found that over the years its just been a waste of time
and usually made me feel like a failure. Who needs that?
But I do have a calender and I set some goals for myself.
I'm marking time frames on the months, so I know when I
need to start something and when it needs to be finished.
Of course there will be the lists, I am good at following
things that I write down...most of the time.
I am getting my Etsy shop up and running this month.
Heather spent an afternoon with me, showing me how to
take pictures and how to fix them with PhotoShop. Since
we had that one day though, there hasn't been another
one with sunshine so I can have some natural light.
But...I did take notes and I have been looking them over.
My original picture above. Artificial light and bad background.
Even fixed it looks bad.

Original picture with better background and natural light.
Same picture, this one has been through PhotoShop, and is ready.
Looks so much better than the one I did. Thanks Heather,
now, can you make the clouds go away so I can take more?


  1. I love the new background. I really like that wire display for your scarf. Good scarf by the way!! Can't wait to see your wonderful creations in your etsy shop

  2. Hey thanks, and what do you think of the new background?

  3. I love the background. It was a great choice.

  4. Hi there, Haven't visited your blog before so can't comment on the new look but I really like what you have learned about the photos. Love that scarf as well.

    Happy New Year from your almost neighbor.. special thanks for listing us.

  5. hey hey hey!!
    I love your new look on your blog! Ok. I've been needing a new look as well. Can you let me in on your secret for figuring out how to do the background image? Did you purchase this from a graphic designer? Or did you do it all yourself.
    send me an email

  6. Just a quick note. There is a link to Aqua Poppy, just click on APD. I need to go back and change the colors of my page so you can see the links, don't have time now but I will later today.
    Barb, photos are so important... Nothing moves me away from a webpage or blog faster. Most of my friends are, but I'm learning.

  7. I had a great time taking photos with you and hunting for props! I bet you don't need sunlight if you go up by your big window in the mid-morning hours. There is enough natural daylight without the sun shining. Sheesh in Michigan you'd have to wait until spring if you are waiting for a sunny day!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new shop and new photos.

  8. Love the new look, the colors are great! Oooh cozy scarf...although the light is great in that last photo, I do like seeing it looped around that wire frame too!

  9. Mellisa, I like the wire frame too. Hobby Lobby has some great props. Heather was right when
    she said I'd look at things differently.