Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Bead Star winner is coming...

The Bead Star winner is coming!
Bought my magazine yesterday.
Won't be long and Heather (a winner)
and family will be starting out for the
Great White Frozen Tundra. I love
this time of year. All of the family
hanging out and doing stuff. We're
all having a sleep over one night in
GR. Movies to watch, Wall E, Kung Fu Panda,
and Return to Narnia...We're all big kids at heart
around here. Ornaments to make.
I got some patterns for elf shoe ornaments,
gingerbread people and Bev got some
ornament kits too. Sledding and skating...
none of which I'm participating in.
We'll put together jigsaw puzzles.
A trip to the bead store is planned.
Card games to play.
I'm feeling the Christmas love, now if the
weather would just cooperate it would
be perfect. Its looking like a white
Christmas for sure.


  1. That sounds fabulous! Can I come!?

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