Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shaking the Snake - Not X Rated

OK, its not the best of titles...sounds pretty porno like to me.
But its what Bailey spend our time in the winter doing. She
drags the toys to where ever I'm at and squeaks them till I pay
attention. She must be really bored tonight, cause she's
driving me nuts. But she makes me laugh and that's a good thing.
I hold on to one end of the snake and ask her what's that?
She shakes it as hard as she can and growls like a big dog. She's
pretty strong, I've lifted her in the air while she hangs on.

When she has floppier toys they hit her in the head. What an idiot,
sometimes I would like to be a dog. Cause I can be an idiot too!
Yep, me and my buddy Bailey.....


  1. Yep, that's my little girl. Cricket is every bit as cute. It will be strange not to have him come home with you. Bailey will miss her man.