Sunday, October 5, 2008

Found Treasures

I did what I said I wasn't gonna do...bought more rummage stuff
again this year. Can't help it, the rummage hunter is in me. But
who could resist this owl basket? Not me! Had to have it.
Fits in good with all my Fall/Halloween stuff. The rummage sale
was a huge success again this fall. In one and a half days we raised
over $3000.00! The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways,
the rummage sale is proof of that. I was totally exhausted,
but not so tired I couldn't walk the Chapel Hill Craft show on
Huge crowds of people. Four Fair barns full of high quality crafts,
all handmade and ripe for the picking... If you could get close enough
in the booths. I managed a few purchases...just little ones. You can
see more pics on my Flickr page if your interested. Even the kettle corn
tent had a line of about 20 people waiting to buy a bag. Our plan
of attack was to walk down the middle of the isle and scope both sides out.
Then if we found something that caught our eye we would jump right in.
I got my mixes for dips, those things are so good!
My sister Sue and niece Kayla. First time for this show and I think
it won't be their last! Even my Mom made it through. She had this
seat/carry thingy, that she could sit on whenever she got tired.
It stored our purchases in the bottom too. Real handy piece of
equipment. We all say "thanks, Bev" for that.
After the crafts, we stopped at our favorite pumpkin place and bought
our pumpkins and gourds. She sells the coolest pumpkins, not your
regular tall orange, but these fairytale ones. They look like something
Cinderella used to make her carriage. That's my Mom and her sister
Marie hiding in the shadows.

They even have these huge ones for sale, anywhere from $75 to
$200 per pumpkin. I'm talking BIG, HUGH, MONSTROUS things!

This is what I do with mine. A little vignette of pumpkins and
gourds. I like to stack them (it's not my idea...I have to give
credit to Martha Stewart for that one). Oh and that metal egg basket
I picked up at the rummage sale too. Another treasure.....sigh!


  1. I love the wicker owl basket. It look like you had a good time at the craft show. I can't believe how grown up Kayla is.

  2. She is such a young lady and so patient with all us crazy ladies!
    I love when she goes along!