Sunday, January 27, 2008


Finally after almost a year our Priscilla Circle cookbook is
printed and up for sale. I would have never guessed that
something simple as a cookbook could be so complicated!
I learned some really good lessons doing this venture.
In case you don't know the Priscilla Circle is a woman's
church group that prepares luncheons for families who have
loved ones that have passed on. Dishes to pass are made on
a volunteer basis and then it is served by the group after the
service. We serve and clean up, the family doesn't have to do
anything but purchase the meat for sandwiches. Its really
a beautiful thing to watch...fellowship for grieving families is
so very important. By the time the luncheon is over, tears
are turned into smiles and laughter...its a beautiful thing.
The Circle had extra money left over so we were going to use it
to help purchase new altar pieces. But our little bit wasn't
going to hardly touch the cost of custom work. So, that being
said, the big idea was brought up that we should do a cookbook
using our recipes and other potluck favorites. I think it was
partly my idea to get it started...I must of been in a great mood
that day. And everyone was more than happy to let me do it!
Did I mention that I was a procrastinator? So to make a long
story short. It took three of us forever to type it, and five
of us to proof it. It didn't make it for Mother's Day or Christmas.
But by gosh its here now and it was worth all the hassle. I am
learning not to be so ready to volunteer for things, unless I
think it through first! But wait, I want to say that the company that
did the books was the best....Morris Press Cookbooks. They are
very professional and the cost was unbelievable.

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