Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum!

Well they finally did it. For the first time ever,
I found a fake tree that doesn't look fake! I swore
that I was a "real" tree person and would never,
never, never buy into a fake one. But last weekend
I found one and talked my husband into buying it.

We were the people that packed the dog in the truck
and threw in the chainsaw (never checking to see if it
worked and half the time it didn't). We would drive
all over the county looking for the cheapest, most
perfect tree. Every year they got sparser, and if
we bought a pre-cut they were anywhere from $25 to
$45 a tree. So the way we figured it, we will have
paid for this in 4 years. No more lights to buy,
as this is wired and ready to go. No water, no needles,
no rashes on my arms from pine needles sticking me.

The only thing that makes me a little sad is that I
won't have that wonderful smell of fresh cut pine.
There was nothing chemical about that smell....
no spray has been made yet as far as I can tell! As
soon as I get her "dressed" I'll have a picture!


  1. I heard about this tree. I can't wait to see a picture of it.

  2. Merry Merry Christms!! Don't forget a picture of the snow.