Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Felted Acorns

I have been wanting to make some felted acorns
for a long time. So finally, this year I gathered
acorns and acorn tops. Made sure I disposed of the
little critters that were living inside of them and
felted my little balls of wool. After gluing the tops
to them, I sat them in this handmade wooden bowl
I got at a craft show. A lot less expensive then the ones
I had seen that someone was charging 3 and 4 dollars
for. I always disliked when people would look
at someones work and say "I can make that myself
for a whole lot less"... But darn it all,
these were something I knew I could do for a lot less!

I just love autumn and all the dark and rich colors.
Don't you?


  1. I love those acorns. They would make great necklaces.

  2. awesome!!!! so where is the etsy shop?

  3. Thanks you guys! Heather, I guess you are just gonna have to walk me through the ETSY thing. I bet its easier than it look..hahaha...


  4. Rosanne.... Your work is amazing, Your glass pendants are beautiful (tried to get one but I was outbid!)I love the acorns, there is something magical about them. I did an acorn pincushion once .
    Your comment about removing the critters in the acorn brought back memories from many years ago. One time my daughter who was a Girl Guide at the time had collected a bunch of acorns and had them in a box in her closet. One day we had an infestation if little worms ..... yep that's right from the acorns!!! Are they in all acorns? and what do you do to get rid of them.... Bake them?
    Anyway thanks Rosanne for all the lovely eye candy
    Hugs from one Canadian to another :0)

  5. Maggie,
    Wish I could take credit for the pendants, but alas they are done by Pat Wilde (A fellow Canadian). She is very talented.
    About the acorns...I think they all have the little worms. I used to put them in a plastic bag and the next day there would be fine silk all over everything. So now I gather them and wash them in the sink with a little bit of bleach. A tooth brush takes the dirt off the outside. Then I let them dry. Just that simple. This year it seems the squirrels are really busy stashing them away. Does that mean a hard winter? Hmmmm...


  6. Maggie,

    I'm not Canadian...but I'm close enough to Canada that I could be! I live in lower Michigan near Lake Michigan