Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BJP Almost Done

Things have been moving along nicely with this
month's piece. Only a few more rows and I am done
with August's page. Good thing cause August is
almost done with us! This is the holiday weekend
we all have been waiting for...Labor Day. Family
get togethers, cookouts, craft show at the park.
And then the kids are off to school and the tourists
head back to Chicago. We can take back our town,
find a parking space, get a bite to eat without having
to wait for an hour.
My plans for September are:
1. Completely finish my completed journal pages, and
get my bead journal book started.
2. Finish my UFO's from the cruise...I brought home
lots of kits to make (maybe for Christmas presents?)
3. Make my little sister's bracelet that I promised her.
4. Clean out closets and get ready for the church
rummage sale (I truly love doing that). Who
would have ever thought.....
5. Finish my Mother's birthday present, that I was
suppose to have done for her Christmas...oops!
6. Hook a rug for Christmas present
7. Type the cookbook pages for our Church circle.
(that should be my number one)
If I get half of this list done, I will be happy!


  1. I feel about my city in the summer about the way you do yours the rest of the year! I live in a university city, so when all the students clear out we can actually get a parking space on campus, or go to some of the restaurants. Plus,just driving around town is easier. Hey, I live in Ann Arbor - are you from Holland - we're just across the state from each other! We'll have to do a Michigan get together one day. I think there are a lot of us doing this project.

  2. Not from Holland, but I live in South Haven...just south of Holland about 30 miles. A Michigan get together sounds great! Do you know Liz? (The Bad Liz)? She's just a bit more east from you. I'm pretty much free to roam where ever or whenever ;^)

  3. I love this page!

    Kathy V in NM