Thursday, February 11, 2010

Katie's doing Avon's Walk for Breast Cancer

My good friend and fellow beader Katie Nelson
has committed herself to do this marathon walk for
breast cancer. She needs to raise a bit of money in
order to participate...$1800.oo to be exact. So she's
reaching out to all her friends and family to help her
come up with the money. I know first hand how hard
it is to raise funds. You have to be bold and go where
sometimes you might not want to. But in the end it is
so worth it and who knows? One day you might be in need
of the research finds to cure you of something.
Anyhow, bless her heart, here is what she has to say:
"This is a 2-day event in which I will have the opportunity
to walk up to 26.2 miles the first day and 13.1 the second.
Personally, I am shooting for the 1/2 marathon length
on both days since the walk is only 2 months away...
I am going to do as much as I can, but I have to be realistic,
too, since there's not a lot of training time..."
So to sweeten the giving she has put her necklace she made
from the Bead Soup Challenge up for auction.

Its a beauty! I've already bid on it, you can too.
Or just go to her blog and you can donate any sum
of money. I know times are tough all over and
money is probably a little funny (hahaha-NOT) at
your casa, but you can give up one little something
for a cause...maybe that $5.00 drink on a night out,
or $10.00 bill at Micky D's for a bad lunch you don't
really enjoy and probably didn't need.
Or, heaven forbid, give up one strand of beads and
put that money to a good cause. Love you guys!
Stop by Katie's and watch for her Walk coming up.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Cheers for the Bead Cruise Sponsors!

This post is dedicated to all the sponsors of
Bead Cruise 2010. This year their generosity
was unbelievable. Heather makes up these special
booklets that every person on the cruise gets. Its
packed full of ads, designs and instructions and its
just a treasure all on its own.

The Bead Cruise Book. And this coming soon for
purchase (as a download item). When its available I
would get one...really, its a great "book".

A glimpse of the inside.

You'll find all kinds of information inside too. A trend report.
Its a bead book all on its own. And yes, those earrings are mine.
Heather surprised me with these and I totally love them.
Glass Beads from Sue Beads, little sand dollar charms from
Every Heart Crafts. Design by Heather from Humblebeads.

A cloth gift bag from Ornamentea held a pendant from
Summers Studio Pottery, handmade glass beads made by Sue
and a pendant from Ellen Ray ( you can get them at Ornamentea).
A beautiful pendant from Off Center Productions,
Earthenwood Studios, and one from Marsha Neal Studios.

We have Jangles, Paloma Antiqua and a button from Terri
at Creative Impressions in Clay.

A huge sampling of beads from C Koop Beads. She has a
way with enamels. Lucky for me Bella Modo our on board
bead shop had lots of her items for sale too.

Seed beads from Foxden Designs, and Charlene's Bead shop.
Some crocheted beads and faceted rounds from Halstead Bead.
A beautiful shell pendant from Gaea, sand dollar from
Every Heart Crafts, and a pewter charm from Green Girl Studios.
There was this beautiful bird from Humblebeads.

This was ONE door prize. I also got a book by Kate McKinnon.
There are so many more sponsors to name. Rings and Things,
Soft Flex, Vintaj, Tierra Cast, Hint(Beth Hemmila), Mary Harding,
Sova Enterprises, Bead Trends, No Easy Beads (Beverly Herman),
Margie Deeb, Barb Switzer, Expedition D (Lynn Davis),
Tracy Stanley, International Gem and Jewelry Show,
My humblest apologies if I forgot anyone. But you guys are
the greatest and I will make sure that I support you in every
way possible. You are so very special. Thanks!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bead Cruise Part Two

First on shore adventure I went on was shopping in St. Thomas.
We left the boat and were herded like cattle onto these shuttle
bus/taxis. Of course they try to squeeze as many people on as
they can.
Beverly and our new international friend Hennie. She flew all
the way over from the Netherlands. Hennie was an absolute
sweetheart and we all were amazed at her designs. She made
some of the wildest necklaces.

Her fish one was made from fish found at a children's toy
store. Loved it!

So about half way to downtown the drivers pulls over to
the side of the road. I think he was dropping people off to
the beach, but it felt like if you didn't pay you were gonna
be left in the middle of nowhere. Joke on us, people got
out, he took our money and drove us on to town.

Main street was full of all kinds of jewelry stores. If you
wanted diamonds you were at the right island. There were
camera stores, ( I got a nice new one at a good price), and
lots of liquor stores. But we got directions to the island's
only bead store. You just turned down an alley (that in any
big city in the state I would avoid) and you found all these
little shops.
And yes we found the bead store. We Americans are so
spoiled. There was mostly Venetian glass and few odd beads.
We have so much more variety to choose from, so lucky!
Tomorrow a tribute to the sponsors of the 2010 cruise. They
really rock!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bead Cruise 2010

On my list of Bead Cruises, BC 2010 has to be the number
one best cruise ever. Heather has totally got the planning
part down. This years group might have been just a bit
smaller than previous years, but it didn't lack in anything.
The ladies were absolutely the funniest and sweetest yet.
Our teachers were very talented, and just as much fun to
be around outside of the classrooms. Our days were filled
with beading, hanging out with the other cruisers and in the
evening we were shopping with Bella Modo...who I must say
has the biggest line of Swarvoski crystals, Vintaj brass and
anything else you could have wanted. Pam and Belinda were
so very sweet, and Belinda was the most knowledgeable
person I've ever seen when it comes to Swarvoski.

Our second stop on the cruise. St. Thomas Island.

A view of our ship from across the bay.
Next stop was St. Maarten. There's a French side and a
Dutch side of the island. Anywhere you wanted to be still
had beautiful beaches and clear blue water. Warm sunny
days and gentle breezes. There is nothing wrong with
wanting to live on an island.
Tomorrow I will post some more about the Cruise.
I have lots of pictures and things to talk about.